Bringing your Child in to a Dentist


A lot of people put off the first dental visit of their children until their permanent teeth begin to come in. However, this is a mistake since as soon as kids have teeth, they can get cavities. Just like it is essential to take care of the overall health of your child early, you must get an early start on their oral health practice.

Early dental checkups prevent tooth decay and dental pain that can result in problem focusing and medical problems later in life. According to studies, children who have healthy teeth are happier, do better in school, and have a higher self-esteem.

When to Take your Child to their First Dental Visit

According to the American Dental Associating, parents must bring their kids to the dentist when their child is one year old or as soon their first tooth comes in. This dental visit will reinforce a child’s dental habit at home and help them feel more confident when doing future visits to the dentist. Bringing your child to a dentist regularly results in a lifetime of great oral care and helps your child feel comfortable with the dental office, thus, minimizing fear and anxiety. This will make future visits stress-free.

Preparing your Child and Yourself for the Visit

Before the actual day of visit, call the dentist and ask about the procedures they will carry out to avoid surprises. Have a plan in place for your child’s reaction during the visit. Young kids tend to wander and can be fussy. Make sure you talk to your little one about what to expect and help them feel excited about their upcoming visit. Don’t forget to bring any records of their medical history.

What to Expect During the First Visit

A lot of first dental visits can be about introductory icebreakers to acquaint children with the dentist and the office. The dentist may have to reschedule the appointment if your child is non-cooperative or frightened.

Children appointments are usually scheduled earlier in the day while kids are still fresh and alert. Children who are under 36 months will be accompanied by their parents in the dental chair to hold them during the examination. If a child is cooperative, the first session can be completed between 15-30 minutes. Depending on a child’s age, the first dental appointment can include a thorough exam of the teeth, bite, jaws, oral tissues, and gums, a gentle cleaning, X-rays, evaluation of the need for fluoride, and a demo on how to clean teeth properly at home. Check out this early dental guide here.