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Calf Health and Hygiene

A system of calf rearing, if implemented correctly, can produce a healthy calf, which will have a life of optimum health. It is important to have the correct procedures, equipment and calf health and hygiene products in place to ensure

How safe is Eliquis?

What is Eliquis? Eliquis, also called apixaban, is an anticoagulant agent that is classified as a Factor Inhibitor. The drug is available in 5mg and 2.5 mg doses and is administered orally. This blood thinner is used to treat and

We all know that an orthodontist is an expert who deals with different issues related to teeth and misaligned jaw. They can actually bring a very confident smile on your face. However, there are many things to consider when choosing

Back pain is a bodily condition that can interfere with your personal and work life. You can experience this pain your lower, middle, or upper back. Your spine and back muscles support the weight of your body. You use muscles