Get Your Smile Back and Improve Your Life with Dental Sealant

Cavity occurs when large food bites get stuck in pits and fissure. They get stuck deep inside that can’t be removed with toothbrush bristles as well. Later it turns to cavity and plaque. Plaque acids penetrate into enzymes and the roots of the teeth and causes tooth enamel to dissolve. This is how cavity starts. The best way to prevent decay is by scraping out cavity from tooth and then sealing the open gap. This is called dental sealant.

According to the procedure used in dental sealant, dentist removes cavity from tooth leaving rough side of the tooth. Then a viscous liquid called sealant is applied in the gaps which harden after drying. The sealant obstructs plaque to accumulate in the gap preventing further cavity and tooth decay. However, your dentist should be good in order to avoid further problems. If the sealant isn’t applied properly or there is moisture in the gap before the sealant is applied then it penetrates in the enzymes which cannot be seen due to sealant. Later this can damage the root.

Sealant alone cannot solve all your cavity or gum infection. Sealants aren’t the only solution to treat cavities. You need to go for regular check up to your dentist to ensure that everything is alright. Dr. Johnny Smith Dental services in Peoria, Arizona have the best staff members and qualified practitioners. The location of the clinic is quite convenient as people can reach their easily. Dr. Johnny L. Smith completed his Dentistry Degree in 1990 and started his private clinic in 1997.

Here are some advantages of dental sealant –

  • Dental sealants are beneficial not only for kids but also for adults which means there isn’t any pain involved so kids also take advantage of it to prevent 86% of cavity.
  • Most of the dental procedures are expensive and need lot of care post surgery or procedure, but dental sealant is inexpensive method and lasts for a long time. This will give you time to collect money for further treatment.
  • Compared to surgeries and replacements that needs many appointments and examination to complete the procedure, dental sealant is quick and doesn’t require too many sittings. All you have to do is stick to your regular checkup which also doesn’t require too much of your time.

  • Sealant isn’t painful thus you can get it done anytime. Most Americans have cavities which needs immediate attention. If you get the sealant done immediately, it will save further decay of your teeth.
  • Sealant is a quick solution which can be done even on your first visit to the dentist. Dental sealant lasts for many years if you maintain hygiene.
  • Sealants block all sorts of harmful acids from penetrating inside your enamel that can damage your roots.
  • Since the color is matched with your teeth, the sealant doesn’t look prominent and blends well.

Although sealant is the best remedy, there are instances when it can cause trouble. For example, if the part of cavity is left before sealing the gap then it can spoil the root of your tooth or there can be gaps that are left untouched where food particles can stick again. Hence after sealing you shouldn’t avoid meeting your dentist for regular checkup.