Here’s What You Need to Know about Hand Creams for Nurses!

Owing to the nature of their profession, nurses have to wash their hands several times a day. Most of time, they have to use the handwashes and cleansers that are available at different clinics and healthcare facilities, which, to say the least are not of the best quality. This can lead to dry skin, which can get itchy and flaky in no time, and in some cases, dry skin can bleed and crack. If you are a nurse, you need to invest in a good hand cream, which not only hydrates the skin but also keeps it soft and supple. In this post, we will discuss what it takes to find the best hand cream for nurses.

Do I need a hand cream?

Most nurses have this basic question in mind. Keep in mind that dry skin can crack, which exposes the skin to microbial activity. Skin infections can occur, which can lead to other severe conditions and skin conditions. Nurses need to work directly with patients, and it’s not surprising that they have to wash their hands more often to get rid of the germs than an average person. Dry hands are often a common problem among nurses. The top layer of the skin contains lipids, proteins, and oils, which protects the skin from damage, and when the protective barrier is damaged due to excessive washing, it can lead to bleeding, cracking and peeling, which can be painful. A hand cream that’s high on hydration is often the ideal choice for nurses.

Which hand cream should I choose?

As a nurse, you just cannot use any other hand cream in a clinical setting, because the safety of your patient is of utmost importance. There are creams that are meant to be used by healthcare professionals, because these don’t contain some of the ingredients and fragrances that can irritate patients. Some creams are not compatible with gloves made of chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG). You cannot always use hand creams that are high on oil content, which can lead to damage to latex gloves. Find products that are nurse recommended or are hospital grade, and hand creams used by nurses need to be free of oil and must not be greasy.

You can check online to find websites that offer information on hand creams that have been reviewed well by other users. There are also review sites that may come in handy.