Integrative Medicine For Cancer: Here’s What You Need To Know!

As the number of cancer patients continues to increase at a global level, the approach towards treatment is constantly evolving. When it comes to cancer, chemotherapy and radiation are two words that most people associate with, but with integrative medicine, the treatment is likely to change. For the uninitiated, integrative medicine is basically the mix of both traditional medicine and alternate therapies, and it is often used because the practitioners of integrative medicine believe that healing is all about the mind, body, and soul. In that context, integrated oncology is known term now, and it aims to offer an enhanced quality of life at all levels.


What’s integrated oncology?

With conventional cancer treatments, the prime concern is the range of things that a patient has to go through and endure. While the idea is to kill cancer cells, but there is also considerable damage to the body. As the immune system weakens, there is a chance that the cancer may return. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy are often required for treating cancer, mainly to kill cancer cells, but in the process, but that also damages healthy cells. The aim of integrated oncology is to bring a more non-invasive way of treatment and combine some of the traditional treatments with other therapies.

Does it work?

Today, there are many centers for integrated oncology, where patients get a new lease of life and live better with cancer. It should be noted that integrated medicine is a form of personalized treatment, where a patient’s condition, mental state, emotional condition and current physical health are considered before coming up with a line of treatment. Also, integrated oncology doesn’t really discard the importance of traditional treatment, but it focuses more on offering a better life. Patients understand what it takes to increase their self-esteem, energy and confidence and enjoy some of the basic things in life, such as better sleep or enjoying a simple meal with the extended family.

Understanding better

Every integrated oncology center has its own approach towards cancer, but the basic aspects remain the same. This starts with simple things that can prevent cancer in the first place. Secondly, the idea is to target cancer, but without the collateral damage that traditional treatments have been causing to the body. Thirdly, it focuses on enhancing the immune system, so that cancer doesn’t return and patients have a better quality of life that’s not dependent on medicines alone. This brings us to the question – Will integrated oncology work for everyone? As mentioned, the approach is a different one, and there are many aspects to consider before deciding on the line of treatment. If you want to consider for integrated oncology for someone close to you, the best idea is to visit a known center and check with the experts.

While we may not able to get away with chemo and radiotherapy in the first place, integrated oncology offers the hope that cancer patients can live better, and that’s no less of a big achievement.