What are the Options to Consider in Alternative Cancer Treatment?

Many cancer patients are keen to try anything to help themselves which encompass complementary as well as alternative cancer treatments. If it makes like you have little or no control over your health, opting for alternative cancer treatment may help in offering some feeling of control. Some of these techniques are unproven and could be even dangerous. We have listed some alternative cancer treatments which have the ability to restore your health and are super safe to try. Consult your doctor if you are keen to try some of them.

  1. Acupuncture

While the acupuncture treatment is ongoing, the expert will insert tiny needles into your skin at exact points. Researchers claim that acupuncture helps in relieving the symptoms of nausea which is caused by chemotherapy. It also helps in relieving the symptoms of many types of pain in cancer patients. Acupuncture is a safe technique performed by certified experts with the help of sterile needles. You can also consult your doctor for references. However, it is not a safe technique if you are taking blood thinners, have low blood counts etc. Hence, consult your doctor first.

  1. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a technique that uses fragrant oils to soothe the patient. The fragrant oils are infused with scents like lavender is applicable to your skin during a massage, or can be poured into the bath water. These oils can also be heated to release their aromas into the air. This technique also helps in relieving symptoms of nausea, stress, and pain. It is performed by an expert or you can do on your own too. It is a safe practice, but sometimes the oil can cause allergic reactions to your skin. Cancer patients are estrogen sensitive like breast cancers, they should avoid large applications of lavender and tea tree oil to their skin.

  1. Exercise

Exercises help in handling the symptoms of during and post cancer treatment. Gentle exercises help in relieving the fatigue to help you sleep better. Researchers claim that exercise helps the cancer patients live a longer and improvised quality of life. Consult your doctor to recommend you an exercise program. Begin gradually and keep adding more exercise time to time. Make sure you exercise at least 30 minutes on a daily basis.

  1. Hypnosis

It is a deep state of concentration. In the ongoing session, an expert will hypnotize you by interacting in a calmer voice to help you relax. The expert will then make you focus on your aims like having control over your pain and eliminate your stress. Hypnosis is also helpful for cancer patients who are in a lot of pain, anxiety, and stress. It also helps in relieving the symptoms of anticipatory nausea and puking that happens when chemotherapy rendered you ill in the past. When performed with a licensed expert, hypnosis is a safe therapy. Make sure you let your therapist know that you have a history of mental illness as well.