Which is Healthier? Coconut Water or Coconut Milk?

Just because these two are derived from the same source, doesn’t mean they are the same. They have their own differences when it comes to flavor and nutritional value as well. Coconut water is the fluid which is found in the center of a young and green coconut. Coconut milk is obtained from the white flesh found inside the mature coconut.

We have delineated the difference between the two.

What is coconut water?

Coconut water can be found in a young and green coconut. This drink renders you super hydrated. When you pick a coconut and shake it fiercely, you will hear the water present inside, rambling. This beverage is a tad bit sweet in taste and quite low in calories too. It is considered one of the best beverages for people who are looking forward to losing weight.

When it comes to nutrition, a mere cup of pink coconut water is loaded with more potassium than a whole banana. It is also super rich in sodium. Gym freaks are suggested to seek a way to replace the electrolyte loss they undergo when they are sweating while they exercise. Additionally, it also contains traces of zinc, calcium, and magnesium. Eight ounces of coconut water only has 45 calories in it. So, it is always deemed a good habit to expose your taste buds to a sweet treat and your body a healthy dose of nutrition. Feel free to add it to your smoothies or add with the fruit juices to reap the most of its benefits.

What is coconut milk?

This beverage is not directly harvested from a coconut. Rather, it is obtained from a white layer of flesh found inside a mature coconut. It is shredded and then simmered in plain or coconut water and then let out to soak. When the flavor is sucked away by the water, it is strained and then coconut and the flesh is separated. What is left is a white and opaque fluid. Also, keep in mind that it is high in calories as well as fat content. These calories are accumulated from the saturated fat. But, it can be used as a plan based substitute for dairy products in your cereals as well as coffee. It is also deemed one of the healthiest alternatives for fat and also makes your food have a distinct and nutty flavor.